Cable structures in glass facades

openaccess, Vol. 566 (10) 2019 / poniedziałek, 28 października, 2019

(Open Access)

I. Cała,
A. Jóźwik

DOI: 10.15199/33.2019.10.04

Volume 566: Issue 10
Pages 32 – 36
Accepted for publication: 25.08.2019 r.

The article concerns the shaping of cable-stayed structures used in glazed facades with large surfaces. Due to the variety of solutions, systematics were made and cable systems were characterized with a division into their one- and two-way work. Attention was paid to the role of point connectors used to connect glass with cables and material solutions of the glazing itself. The article presents and analyzes examples of implementation using the cable-stayed structures in facades.
Keywords: structural glass; glass facades; cable structures.
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dr inż. Ireneusz Cała; Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Architektury

dr inż. Anna Jóźwik; Politechnika Warszawska, Wydział Architektury
ORCID: 0000-0003-3252-5357

dr inż. Anna Jóźwik