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ISSN 0137-2971
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Materiały Budowlane  is one of the oldest (published since 1946) peer-reviewed technical and scientific journal in Poland, addressed to all professional groups related to civil engineering. For many years it was just a polish language journal but since few years it is becoming an international one as the best papers are translated and presented in English.

Official name of our journal is Materiały Budowlane. Therefore authors are requested to use only this name (not English translation – Building Materials) because the journal is registered in all databases as Materialy Budowlane.


It is an important forum for the dissemination of knowledge, practice and R&D in the wide field of construction, especially structural engineering, building materials and their application on site, civil engineering management and evaluation of civil structures. It reaches the designers and architects, investors, contractors of construction works of both new works and repair, producers, manufacturers and distributors of construction and building materials, state representatives and local administration,  building supervisors and R&D staff, etc. Among the readers there are also academics, lecturers and students of higher education, vocational schools and secondary schools, who receive the journal for free. It is possible due to and action started several years ago: Sponsorship subscription for universities and schools, founded by a dozen companies and institutions.

Materialy Budowlane includes presentations of modern design solutions, technology and materials used in construction, erection and modernization of buildings and civil engineering structures, the results of research carried out by scientists from Polish and foreign universities and research institutes, as well as the latest achievements in the field of innovation in construction.

Materialy Budowlane journal is also a source of knowledge about the amendments and interpretations of building regulations, the progress in implementing the EU standardization, state and prospects of development of the construction industry and individual sectors of industry of building materials in Poland. In each volume many interesting papers are published. They are prepared by outstanding domestic and foreign authorities in various fields of construction.


The journal (printed version) is available mainly by online subscription, but it is also sold at numerous conferences, seminars and trade fairs. Single archive papers are also available online at sigma-not.pl. Selected papers are available online by Open Access.


Journal is published monthly (12 issues per year) until the end of the following month.
Number of papers per issue varies due to organization of the journal in thematic layouts but is not less than five.


Scientific papers published in Materialy Budowlane are indexed in the following databases:

Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland since 2015 awarded each publications in Materialy Budowlane by 8 points:

year 2015-2018 – 8 points
year 2010-2014 – 6 points

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Each scientific paper published in  Materialy Budowlane has a DOI number. The authors of papers are asked to use DOI numbers in the reference lists, wherever it is possible. This number can be checked in the database DOI Systems like: dx.doi.org.