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We are pleased to announce that in accordance with the Announcement of the Minister of Education and Science of December 21, 2021 on the amendment and correction of the announcement on the list of scientific journals and reviewed materials from international conferences, the author receives 100 points for publishing an article in the scientific journal MATERIAŁY BUDOWLANE.

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„Materialy Budowlane” is one of the oldest scientific journals in Poland (published since 1946), addressed to all professional groups related to construction. It reaches designers and architects, investors, contractors of construction and renovation works, producers and distributors of building materials, representatives of state and local administration bodies, construction supervision offices, construction research centers, construction and architecture departments of universities, construction high schools, e.t.c.

The thematic scope of „Materialy Budowlane” includes mainly presentations of modern design, technological and material solutions used in the construction, finishing and modernization of buildings and engineering structures; the results of research carried out by scientists from Polish and foreign universities and research institutes, as well as the latest achievements in the field of construction. The monthly journal „Materialy Budowlane” is also a source of knowledge on changes and interpretations of building regulations, and progress in the implementation of EU standardization, prospects for the development of construction and individual sectors of the building materials industry in Poland. Each issue contains many interesting articles, prepared by acclaimed authority figures, in Poland and abroad, in various fields of construction.

The journal is available mainly by subscription, and also distributed at numerous conferences, seminars and trade fairs.


„Materialy Budowlane” is published monthly (12 editions per year) in the last decade of a given month.


According to the announcement of the Minister of Education and Science, made on December 21st 2021, regarding the amendment of the announcement of the list of scientific journals and reviewed materials from international conferences, an author receives 100 points for publishing an article in the scientific journal „Materialy Budowlane”.

DOI (Digital Number Identifier)

Each scientific article published in the „Materialy Budowlane” has a DOI number. Authors of articles are asked to use DOI numbers in bibliography wherever possible. The number can be checked in the DOI System database: dx.doi.org.


Scientific articles published in the „Materialy Budowlane” are indexed in the following reference databases:


prof. Jose Barroso de Aguiar, University of Minho, Portugal; prof. Benoît Bissonnette, CRIB – Research Center on Concrete Infrastructure Université Laval, Canada; dr inż. Isabela Bradáčová, VŠB-Technicka Uniwerzitá Ostrava, Czech Republic; prof. Veronica Calderon Carpintero, University of Burgos, Spain; prof. Lech Czarnecki (chairman), Building Research Institute; prof. Tibor Ďurica, University of Security Management, Slovakia; dr hab. Eng. Jadwiga Fangrat, Building Research Institute; prof. Mariaenrica Frigione, University of Salento, Italy; prof. Andrzej Garbacz, Warsaw University of Technology; prof. Jerzy Hoła, Wrocław University of Technology; prof. Naser Kabashi, Pristina University, Kosovo; prof. Thomas Mathia, CNRS – Center National de Recherche Scientifique, France; prof. Jeanette Orlowsky, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany; prof. Hulusi M. Özkul, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey; dr hab. Eng. Artur Piekarczuk, Building Research Institute; prof. Leszek Rafalski, Main Council of Research Institutes; dr hab. Eng. Jacek Szer, prof. universities, Lodz University of Technology; prof. Ru Wang, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tongji University, China; prof. Krzysztof Wilde, Gdańsk University of Technology


MSc. Andrzej Dobrucki, Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers; prof. dr hab. Eng. Zbigniew Giergiczny, Silesian University of Technology; dr inż. Mieczysław Grodzki, Mazovian District Chamber of Civil Engineers; dr hab. Eng. Stefan Góralczyk, prof. IMBiGS, ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network Institute of Mechanization of Building and Rock Mining; dr hab. Eng. Eugeniusz Hotała, prof. PWr, Wrocław University of Technology; dr inż. Mariusz Jackiewicz, VISBUD-Projekt Sp. z o.o .; MSc. Janusz Komurkiewicz, Fakro Sp. z o.o .; Eng. Józef Kostrzewski, Concrete Producers Association; Norbert Książek, MA, Building Supervision Office, Piotr Kurach, Rettenmaier Polska Sp. z o.o .; Jakub Kus, MA, CONSTRUCTION Trade Union; Dr. h.c. Marek Małecki, Solbet Sp. z o.o. (chairman); dr inż. Małgorzata Niziurska, ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials; prof. dr hab. Eng. Adam Zbigniew Pawłowski; prof. dr hab. Eng. Adam Podhorecki, University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz; prof. dr hab. Eng. Barbara Rymsza, Road and Bridge Research Institute; dr inż. Sebastian Wall, Building Research Institute; Marta Wasilewska, PhD Eng., Białystok University of Technology; dr inż. Genowefa Zapotoczna-Sytek, prof. ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – ICiMB, Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Building Materials Industry; Józef Zubelewicz, MSc, Erbud S.A .; dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Żółtowski, prof. PG, Gdańsk University of Technology.


The monthly journal „Materialy Budowlane” is available by subscription.

SUBSCRIPTIONS can be ordered on the following websites: www.materialybudowlane.info.pl or www.sigma-not.pl, or by contacting the editorial office directly.


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