Copyright and licensing

Journal and Author Rights

The Publisher needs publishing rights in order to publish and disseminate research papers. It is stated in a Licence Agreement between Authors and the Publisher. Licence Agreement deals with the transfer or license of the copyright to Publisher but authors retain significant rights to use and share their own published articles.
Authors transfer their copyright to the Publisher but keeps the right to:

  • Share paper for Personal Use, Internal Institutional Use and Scholarly Sharing purposes, with a DOI link to the version of record on Publisher webpage.
  • Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights also including published and nonpublished research data.
  • Proper attribution and credit for the published work.

Protecting Author Rights

Copyright goal is to protect the specific way how the paper has been written, especially a description of an experiment and the results.
Publisher is committed to the authors to protect their copyright and takes seriusly every allegations of infringement, plagiarism, ethic disputes and fraud. If an author becomes aware of such action it is recommended to contact the Publisher who can then liaise with internal legal department.