Sustainable Cultural Village 2 in Dubai

openaccess, Vol. 558 (2) 2019 / niedziela, 24 lutego, 2019

(Open Access)

A. Bać,
J. Wnuczek

DOI: 10.15199/33.2019.02.08

The article describes a project that received a distinction in an international student competition for the development concept for one of the districts of the so-called Cultural Village 2 in Dubai. The competition aims to promote activities dedicated on reducing the carbon footprint, and at the same time finding ideas for urban and architectural-construction solutions that can be used by the city authorities in development areas. Keywords: Dubai; multicomfort; sustainable community.
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dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Bać, Politechnika Wrocławska;Wydział Architektury

mgr inż. arch. Joanna Wnuczek, Politechnika Wrocławska;Wydział Architektury

dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Bać, Politechnika Wrocławska;Wydział Architektury