Specifying Concrete Repair Materials

openaccess, Vol. 523 (3) 2016 / czwartek, 25 października, 2018

(Open Access)

A. M. Vaysburd,
B. Bissonnette,
A. Garbacz,
L. Courard

DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.03.13

Volume 523; Issue 3
Pages 42-45

Accepted for publication: 12.02.2016 r.

Specification of materials for concrete repair is a complex task requiring broad knowledge of materials science, engineering and construction practice. In this paper, several issues important for proper design and implementation of concrete repair are discussed. It is stressed that the specification documentation is not a formality, but rather a critically important engineering step in view of fulfilling the durability and service life requirements.
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Alexander M. Vaysburd - Vaycon Consulting, Baltimore, MD, USA

Benoit Bissonnette - CRIB, Department of Civil Engineering, Laval University, Quebec City, QC, Canada

Andrzej Garbacz - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Luc Courard - GeMMe Building Materials, ArGEnCo Department, University of Liège, Liège, Belgium