Safety in designing, constructing and usage of the movable platforms

Vol. 523 (3) 2016 / czwartek, 25 października, 2018

(in Polish)

Jan Zamorowski,
Bernard Kowolik

DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.03.18

Volume 523; Issue 3
Pages 56-57

Accepted for publication: 08.01.2016 r.

The requirements that refer to the safety rules of themobile hanging platforms and both the construction principles and the principlesof the research conducting interms of stability and the bearing capacity that dependent of the logistic of their use has been presented in this article. There aremany factor that have an influence on the SAE. The proper technical design with the full static-strength calculations based on the precise construction model should be prepared. The manufacturer should prepared the platform according to the design paying attention on the type of material and the type of steel profiles that have been used for the construction, as well as on the quality of the welded or bolt connections. The proper realisation of the platform construction should be confirmed by the examination (the series or the platformsystem) of the crucial elements and the platform mechanisms. The user of the platformis responsible for the safety aswell by use the platform according to the designed purpose and in accordance with the working conditions, simultaneously being also obligated to maintenance and preservation of the platform construction.
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Jan Zamorowski, Ph. D., MSc. Eng. Associate Professor - University of Bielsko-Biala, Faculty of Materials, Building and Environmental Engineering

Bernard Kowolik, Ph. D., Eng. - Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Jan Zamorowski, Associate Professor