New standardization arrangements in building acoustics

openaccess, Vol. 576 (8) 2020 / środa, 19 sierpnia, 2020

(Open Access)

Nowicka Elżbieta. 2020. New standardization arrangements in building acoustics. Volume 576. Issue 8. Pages 28-29.  DOI: 10.15199/33.2020.08.03

Accepted for publication: 06.07.2020

The basic aimof standardization in the field of building acoustics is to create the conditions tomeet the basic requirement No. 5 "Noise protection" contained in the European Parliament Regulation 305/2011 on construction products and in the Polish Construction Law. The level of acoustic requirements for buildings and the external environment is determined by the individual countries. The evaluation parameters and methods of their designation are normalized at global or European level, within the framework of the work of the ISO/TC 43/SC2 "Building Acoustics" and CEN/TC 126 "Acoustic properties of building products and of buildings". Implementation of the EN/ISO norms for Polish standardization is dealt with by PKN Technical Committee No. 253 "Architectural Acoustics", which co-operates with the aforementioned Committees.
  1. EN 12354 Building acoustics – Estimation of acoustic performance of buildings from the performance of elements.
  2. EN 14366 Laboratory measurement of noise from waste water installations.
  3. EN 15657Acoustic properties of building elements and of buildings – Laboratory measurement of structure-borne sound from building service equipment for all installation conditions
  4. EN 1793-1 Road traffic noise reducing devices – test method for determining the acoustic performance – Part 1. Intrinsic characteristics of sound absorption.
  5. EN ISO 10140 Laboratory measurements of sound insulation of building elements.
  6. ISO 10848-1 Acoustics – Laboratory and field measurement of flanking transmission for airborne, impact and building service equipment sound between adjoining rooms – Part 1: Frame document.
  7. ISO 23351-1 Acoustics – Measurement of speech level reduction of furniture ensembles and enclosures – Part 1: Laboratory method.
  8. ISO 12999-2 Acoustics – Determination and application of measurement uncertainties in building acoustics —Part 2: Sound absorption.
  9. ISO 23591 Acoustic quality criteria for music rehearsal rooms and spaces.
  10. ISO 354Acoustics –Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room.
dr inż. Elżbieta Nowicka, Instytut Techniki Budowlanej; Zakład Fizyki Cieplnej, Akustyki i Środowiska ORCID: 0000-0002-7993-8215

dr inż. Elżbieta Nowicka, Instytut Techniki Budowlanej; Zakład Fizyki Cieplnej, Akustyki i Środowiska