Cornices on the bridge objects

Vol. 536 (4) 2017 / poniedziałek, 22 października, 2018

(in Polish)

A. Czuchnicki,
J. Wasilkowski

DOI: 10.15199/33.2017.04.12

Volume 536: Issue 4
Pages 64-66
Accepted for publication: 14.02.2017 r

The article presents different types of bridge cornices. Solutions used in the past as well as modern ones were described. Classification of cornices regarding material composition was introduced. Attention was drawn to advantages and disadvantages of different materials and assembly technology. Requirements imposed on cornices and typical damages which they undergo during utilization were acknowledged. Old methods of shaping bridge supports which include the use of cornices to top piers and front walls of abutments were recalled. Problems with maintenance and aesthetics of modern bridge supports caused by rainwater were shown. The article points out that at present time it is still reasonable to use cornices on piers, front walls of abutments and in central reserve area as well. It was indicated that such solutions eliminate potential water stains thereby enhancing aesthetics of a bridge structure.

Keywords:bridge cornice, reinforced concrete, polymer concrete, laminate.
  • mgr inż. Adam Czuchnicki
  • mgr inż. Janusz Wasilkowski, Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad Oddział w Szczecinie

mgr inż. Janusz Wasilkowski