The concept of the model for predicting the actual costs of building construction

Vol. 528 (8) 2016 / niedziela, 28 października, 2018

(in Polish)

Edyta Plebankiewicz

DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.08.36

Volume 528; Issue 8
Pages 116-116

Accepted for publication: 04.07.2016 r.

In the realization phase of a building, there are often significant differences between the pre-tender cost estimateand the actual costs of the works. The article presents the concept of the model predicting the increasing costs of a building in relation to those planned in the tender. The purpose of the model is to determine the likelihood of the increase in the costs for object elements for which it is the greatest. For the selection of elements to evaluate the method of Mamdani’s fuzzy inference is proposed. Themodel of actual costs prediction uses fuzzy relations and the composition of max-min relations.
Keywords: the actual costs of construction works, Mamdani’s fuzzy inference, fuzzy relations.
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Edyta Plebankiewicz. Ph. D. Eng., Associate Professor - Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Edyta Plebankiewicz, Associate Professor

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DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.08.36