Tests of full scale AAC walls subjected to compression – analysis of the connection zone of perpendicular walls. Part 1

Vol. 556 (12) 2018 / poniedziałek, 31 grudnia, 2018


Ł. Drobiec,

DOI: 10.15199/33.2018.12.09

Volume 556: Issue 12
Pages 29-31
Accepted for publication: 20.11.2018 r.

In [4, 5], the results of wall models on a full scale were presented, and the zone around the window opening was analyzed. In two parts of this paper will be described the second stage of research carried out on the same researchmodels, i.e. the analysis of the perimeter wall connection zone. The walls were made of 18 cmwideAAC blocks and thin layer joints. Reinforced and non-reinforced walls were tested. Basalt grids and typical steel reinforcement (truss type) were used as reinforcements. The load was applied by a reinforced concrete rimbeam.The first part of the article describes the test stand and the tests results. The second part will contain a detailed analysis of the test results and crack pattern of the models. Keywords: AAC masonry; compression tests;connection of perpendicular walls; tests on a full scale.
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dr hab. inż. Łukasz Drobiec, prof. PŚl, Politechnika Śląska; Wydział Budownictwa;

dr hab. inż. Łukasz Drobiec, prof. PŚl, Politechnika Śląska; Wydział Budownictwa;


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DOI: 10.15199/33.2018.12.09