Innovation and trends in the American construction industry

Vol. 535 (3) 2017 / wtorek, 23 października, 2018

(in Polish)

O. Kapliński

DOI: 10.15199/33.2017.03.22

Volume 535: Issue 3
Pages 74-76
Accepted for publication: 31.01.2017

Recent development trends in the American construction industry have been presented, as well as characteristic innovation trends on the basis of forecasts for the last two years. Reports and web portals were used. Attention was drawn to the need to support implementation of innovation through organizational and legislative actions. The presented phenomena and trends will reach Poland with a certain inertia in time.

Keywords: construction engineering projects, innovations, trends, American market.
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  • prof. dr hab. inż. Oleg Kapliński, Politechnika Poznańska, Wydział Architektury

prof. dr hab. inż. Oleg Kapliński