Energy efficiency and energy management systems in the light of Directive 2012/27/EU

Vol. 521 (1) 2016 / środa, 24 października, 2018

(in Polish)

Andrzej Wiszniewski,
Marek Amrozy

DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.01.04

Volume 521; Issue 1
Pages 12-14
Accepted for publication: 14.05.2015 r.

The article presents general issues of energy efficiency with particular emphasis on ways to improve energy efficiency in business and the energy management systems. There is presented the current legal status in Poland and Europe as well as examples of organizational and technical solutions conducive to reducing energy intensity.
  1. Andrzej Wiszniewski, Ph. D., Eng. - Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering
  2. Marek Amrozy, MSc. Eng. - National Energy Conservation Agency (NAPE)

Marek Amrozy, MSc., Eng.