Design logistics, prefabrication, delivery and installation of boiler building’s steel structure for a 1000 MW power generation unit

Vol. 525 (5) 2016 / piątek, 26 października, 2018

(in Polish)

J. Wójcik

DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.05.09

Volume 525; Issue 5
Pages 22-23
Accepted for publication: 09.03.2016 r.

Boiler building’s steel structure constitutes of few thousand tons of steel as boiler’s supporting structure, building’s main and secondary structure, exhaust and air ducts. 3D programs are utilized in the design of boiler building’s steel structure. Design office selects technology solutions for the boiler building and also conducts steel structure calculations. During the boiler building’s calculation phase prepared is breakdown of boiler’s supporting structure, building’s main and secondary structures, air and exhaust ducts element transportation and assembly scheme. Individual elements of boiler’s supporting structure may reach weight of up to hundred tons. Often these elements require ordering of materials with specific requirements and later require specialized processing. Road transport restrictions with dimensions of 2,40 x 2,40 x 11,60mand load capacity not exceeding 21 tons, allows for transport of elements on covered up semi-trailer.With the use of low-bed trailers it is possible to deliver elements with the dimensions of 3,20 x 3,25 x 16mand tonnage of up to 40 tons. Increment of transported element dimensions forces transportation into specialized classification, requiring preparation of delivery schedule long in advance. Construction site management plan is created. Pre-assembly locations separate from boiler building’s structure and ducts are determined. Crawler and truss cranes are most commonly used for final assembly. Keywords: design, prefabrication, delivery, assembly.

Jacek Wójcik, Eng.

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DOI: 10.15199/33.2016.05.09